I maed dis

Today I had a class get cancelled and so what better way to make up for it than coding my video game? I feel like I accomplished a lot but it was not actually that many lines of code nor was it difficult to anyone used to XNA, but I’m proud of it. The best part was when my roommate sat down to play it and actually enjoyed himself!

So before today I had a player on screen with a tiger sprite (go Clemson!) that moved around trying to collect coins. The coins gave you points, healed you, and spawned mines that would damage you on touch and then despawn. That was basically it and it was beyond easy as the coins healed way more than the mines hurt. I’d been jotting down a few ideas into OneNote as things to look up and/or implement if I could.

Since then, I’ve changed the healing properties of the coins to only occur every once in a while in a powerup-style manner where the coin spawns with a red tint. On top of that hitting a mine makes you semi-transparent and invulnerable for a short time. In this state you can’t hit mines so they don’t despawn when collision occurs. Finally I added in moving enemies in the form of evil chickens that add a whole new dimension to the game play. Since there’s not a spawn limit the game gets much harder as the 40th enemy or so spawns and they all start to blur on screen.

My roommate got about 50 points before his health hit zero. It still feels a little easy to me but I have a few ideas to spice things up such as random barriers spawning that hamper movement or new enemies that home in slowly on the player. I’ve also got some ideas for a few powerups to deal with these things and add more fun. I really wish I had a good artist though. Right now I’ve got a few assets made by a friend in paint and I downloaded the coins off a free game art site. Sites like that are good but it seems many artists use them to showcase themselves for freelancing as much of it is concept art. I’ve got a couple of people I know I may ask for help but they have lives and can’t always be there.

Anyways, it felt create to just mold something fun out of code today and it really gave me motivation to power through and get things done right in both this project and my school projects. I love the euphoria of a successful compile generating proper output! Attached is an awful picture taken with my phone’s camera while being held very unsteadily in poor lighting. Enjoy!


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